Let me introduce myself

An ambitious 21-year-old software engineering and data science student at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. At the moment, I am engaged in several projects, including back-end development, software development and data science. I have undetaken an internship in Microsoft Development Center Serbia in 2018 and I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.
Currently, I am attending courses at my faculty and I spend my free time practicing .NET, JS and Python development. I am very interested in machine learning and evolutionary algorithms and I have completed a couple of cources and worked on a couple of projects in these areas.
During my high school days, attending competitions in the fields of Mathematics, Physics and Programming was something that I enjoyed very much, and nothing compares to the feeling of being at the top while doing something that you love and even getting awards for it. Music and sport are my biggest passions. Without my instruments (guitar, piano, violin), I find it very hard to imagine a day go by.

Some of my mini side projects:
2015: My first Android app, 'Divide and Conquer'!
2019: Mini browser game: qBlocks
2019: Mini browser game: Connect 4 - play against a bot
2020: Mini browser game: Mastermind
2020: Mini browser game: Minesweeper
2020: Mini browser game: Tic-Tac-Toe - Againts a bot or 2 players mode
2020: Mini browser game: Snake

My web design work (2013-2016)

Check my CV for the full list of my skills.

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